Acer tg discrete graphics- Unusual issue

Acer 3820tg Switchable Graphics Driver

Previous Next Sort by votes. Let us know how this goes to help others. Make sure your files are backed up separately and you have your program installers and any Product Keys for programs like Office. The seems to have completely disappeared. New posts New profile posts Latest activity.

Did this solve your problem? Game can't detect discrete graphic card. When a laptop is described as having a discrete graphics card, does that mean that I don't have to worry about output from the. In looking over the thread I wonder if any corruption might have been passed through if all the steps I gave to avoid this during Upgrade were not followed. Switchable graphics seem to work fine for ordinary desk top apps such as Word etc.

Acer 3820tg switchable graphics driverAcer 3820tg switchable graphics driver

The Windows store wouldn't load would start and then just close. Yours may have other choices that resolve this. You'll likely need the full Catalyst package starting with Windows to manage this.

There may also be relevant settings deeper in the graphics software settings. Issue disabling discrete graphics. For example for my Dual Monitors all of this can be controlled from Windows settings choices given once the display driver is installed, requiring no software which in that case would be bloatware. Windows update installed drivers and I rebooted. It seems that is games that causes it choke.

Acer 3820tg switchable graphics driver

Acer tg discrete graphics- Unusual issue. If I am going to use it on the battery I will reboot and change the bios setting to switchable to get a bit better battery life. The only thing I did differently this time, other than using the install media method, texas driver permit requirements was to first go into the bios and turn off the switchable graphics. The good news is that the workaround is pretty simple but the operation of the switchable graphics is by no means flawless either.

Acer 3820tg switchable graphics driver

If you get infected add the inexpensive Real Time protection from the best-in-class free malware scanner Malwarebytes. It turned out I was right.

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Laptop General Discussion. This makes me think it's a hardware issue and not a software issue. New laptop recommendations. You certainly seem to have what it takes to resolve this. After a couple of reboot attempts it gave me the recovery menu and I used the option to reset it to the previous build.

Increasing the allocation of my discrete graphics in my MacBook Pro. That I haven't seen this a lot means it may be relatively easy to configure once installed.

Acer 3820tg switchable graphics driver

For now I have pretty much given up and I leave it in discreet mode. Uninstall any anti-virus except Defender.

Acer 3820tg switchable graphics driver

New posts Trending Search forums. Does a laptop's mini display port connect directly to the discrete gpu? How satisfied are you with this response? Feel free to ask back any questions and keep us posted on how it goes. An in-place Upgrade from a fresh Clean Install can actually perform quite well.

How satisfied are you with this reply? If they do I will report them to this thread in case it is useful information for anyone else. Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts Billboard Trophies. Game can't detect discrete graphic card Started by anggit.

How would I let Windows manage the switchable graphics? In order to use switchable graphics I have to use a fairly easy work around.

Have you been in the settings to see what choices you have exactly? Forums Laptops Laptop Tech Support.

Acer tg discrete graphics- Unusual issue