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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Adrienne Maloof wants to quit the show which has documented her turbulent last few years, it has been claimed. You may know the actress from Melrose Place and her own previous reality show, Harry Loves Lisa, about her relationship with husband Harry Hamlin. They are that rare Housewives duo that seemed to be legitimately friends off the cameras, so I will be curious whether old feelings of fondness melt away some of the damage done last year. The wife of famed Beverly Hills surgeon Dr. Why would we do Beverly Hills?

Former Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Star Paul Nassif Is Engaged

He was arrested in Los Angeles in Sean driving on a suspended license. All the reports were like that I was taking her out to woo her to come on the show to replace Lisa. Not happy about what's occurring!

But Adrienne could be beating producers to the chase as she and Taylor Armstrong are rumoured to be up for the axe anyway. She now sadly just seems old and tired. Both of them would bore me. Lisa would be a great addition to the show, I think.

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Adrienne Maloof 51 Opens Up about Dating Sean Stewart 32

Lack of proper solid nutrition no doubt. Anyone know how to verify whether there is truth to this rumor that Adrienne and Camille will be back in some kind of capacity? The White Party was traditionally part of Mauricio's birthday celebration according to Kyle. Sean, whose mother is former model Alana Stewart, has something of a bad boy reputation. It was a funny, suggestive caption.

Adrienne has a new life, with a new man and her delusions of a Maloof Hoof empire for her storyline. Add my name to the small list of folks who would love to see Adrienne come back. Adrienne apologized when the word Slander was mentioned, not before. It really bears repeating, boy was that dumb.

But who will take their place? Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. It's hilarious that we're running into each other!

Lisa holds grudges and Brandi will forever pay the brunt of it. The Suzanne Somers bit is interesting because they did have her on the show a couple seasons ago, if I'm recalling correctly. There is simply no way anyone will ever convince me that she didn't know Brandi was lying about the lawsuit when she was backing her up.

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Only in Beverly Hills does this happen. Stop, just stop Bravo with such nonsense because its painful to watch and insulting to your viewers. What Brandi did wasn't to expose what many of us knew, it was to expose the fact that she consistently lied.

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Some of the original cast members and certain combinations of cast members can make or break the ratings. Apparently the star has been informing producers she does not want return to the show next season because the intrusiveness is ruining her personal life. The mother of two was the star of entertainment show Extra for ten years and claims she turned to surgery to try to extend her time in television. There's an obvious history there that worked. Anyway, kundli match making there have been absolutely no conversations about this possibility even!

Especially on Beverly Hills. Well, and I'm one of those odd ducks that just loves Lisa Rinna for some reason. Yep, best dating I shaid what I shaid.

Recent Replies Topics Replies Topics. Share this post Link to post. She could be compensated in some manner without any cash at all changing hands. Just face it and age gracefully Suzanne.

Adrienne Maloof Steps Out with Sean Stewart

It's gone beyond the ridiculous. David Tutera was the wedding planner. She never defended herself until it was too late and that allowed Brandi to set the narrative. If its only updates of their lives that's just fine with me and as long as its not fake drama I'm in.

Brandi needs to go though. She and Yolanda would probably hit it off, talking about cleanses and shit like that. Not sure if this goes here or in the Brandi thread.

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She is the first Asian housewife. There is something plumping up her face, and I don't think it is natural. Still amazed Adrienne was painted as the villain in the Brandi feud, even after the truth came out. Bravo can miss me with that bs.

They could be a powerful force against Brandi, and it could be a redemptive moment for Lisa if she apologized at all for taking Brandi's side. Lisa Rinna would be awesome. She'd give Brandi a hard time for all the drinking and debauchery. Isn't one of her closest friends the editor of one of the rags?

  • Her extensions were unforgivably bad.
  • She's as gross as Brandi to me.
  • It's nine years of building the show.
  • Whoever comes on the show, it's not replacing.
  • For me, Lisa V lost her luster during the whole fake lawsuit deal.

She seems really nice and I think she would be fun to watch. According to Yo, she and Suzanne are very good friends. Maybe Lisa can give Kyle some tips on how to run a boutique.

She even took and passed a lie-detector test to prove her innocence, but the damage had already been done. The Suzanne Somers rumors have been reported as false by E! Lisa could take down Brandi with one raised eyebrow. She definitely doesn't fit in with this crowd.

  1. Then it was he was helping her with her book tour.
  2. People come and go, but the show remains, and that's what's so cool about the show.
  3. Lisa, Kyle, Kim and Adrienne were in attendance.
  4. Even though I don't like either of them, I am kind of interested to see whether their friendship will be repaired.
  5. Now that her Greek boyfriend is history, I think she just wants some camera time so that people won't forget her.
Is Adrienne Maloof Dating Jacob Busch Update

Yo was the one who invited her over to share some of her anti-aging techniques when Kyle and Lisa came to lunch. They have both been betrayed by Brandi and understand what she is capable of. First it was that he was a lawyer helping her with Russell's affairs. Both Taylor and Camille had made similar accusations. And the wonderful thing about this series is that when one person leaves, another joins, and you don't know where the story will go.

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Adrienne Maloof Reveals She s Dating Jacob Busch Again

Adrienne Maloof Dishes On Dating Jacob Busch
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