Horn Vs Tweeter

Bullet Tweeter Vs Compression Driver

Horn Vs Tweeter

Guys, Whats the diference between Horns and Tweeters? Adding to that, a center channel, all on the same plane.

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Horn or tweeter

Well someone gave me two Piramid watts bullet shape tweeters. And now i finally can put the Marathon ma that sucks for driving subwoofers to good use, To power my bullet tweeters. In general, horns and domes are good down to a lower frequency than are bullets.

He told those tweeters sound better than a horn. Interesting how traction use a horn of sorts I guess to focus the sound and partially couple the tweeters, the lip just in front of the dome is a very important area to get right apparently. And perhaps more important than the type of tweeter used is the crossover circuit inside the cab. And Tweeters are use for home uses? Then you probably end up with a horn again, and have the same issues a compression driver experiences, and we are back to square one.

People say the same it sound very crisp. Originally Posted by joehonest Horns are the only way to go if you like your sound loud and clear. Status Not open for further replies. Since different people care about different things, they will prefer different speakers. They are expensive but is worth the money.

Yes it is subjective to everyones likings. They arent around much since they are almost entirely sold and marketed in europe. Search Forums Recent Posts.

Of course, many people form prejudices about these matters, and that, too, influences their choices. You can identify spherical horn speakers easily on blind testing. There are a few other small differences, magnet size and slight difference in midrange, and whatnot. All of these are types of tweeters, including the horn. Volume does matter and most headphones are no good for that test.

Bullet tweeter vs compression driver

You are in the line array league, and do you really want to be there? The sensitivity is db on these puppies, It is going to be a lot of fun. Voices sound just as the person is in the room talking to you. With the Acoustechs the woofers are treated paper cones and are very efficient so they sound very well balanced in highs vs.

Or just get a decent compression driver, that actually can reproduce all sound up to the highest frequency most people can hear, and still do it in a coherent manner. My point being that simply because it has a compression driver in it does not mean it will sound bright. Originally Posted by flickhtguru When ppl say horns are bright its probably cuz its a compression tweeter mounted back in the horn like Klipsch for example. Here is what Lenard audio has to say about titanium compression drivers. Learn the non-slang terms for the different kinds of high frequency drivers and it'll all become apparent.

What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Its there a diference in sound. Same as test but not convinced in any way. Better horns avoid the distortion mentioned above, as well as provide more even directivity at more frequencies.

Horn or tweeter

The rest of the spiel can be viewed here. Horns do have a type of sound that differ from other speaker types. It's everything, not everythink! However speakers with horn loaded tweeters are more directional and if you sit too far off axis you will miss out on a lot of the high freqs. As has been said before, with reflections, the sound is normally always much more damped and the amplitude of the dips it will introduce is much less than comb filtering at the source.

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Horns are the only way to go if you like your sound loud and clear. So when looking at which one to make, the manufacturer decides which virtues to pursue and which vices to accept. So I went through the Speaker Forum and could not find any info. That I like the way they sound is one thing, but why it is, is another thing, that is much more difficult to be certain about.

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Below i will add the picture of the tweeter that Jose Gabriel is talking about and the Set of Motorala Bullet shape Tweers i use. In general, nvidia gtx driver horns and bullets can go louder than domes and bullets often can go louder than horns.

Let see if i got this straigh. Almost every probably every movie theater uses speakers with horn loaded tweeters. Does not mean that the amplitude of the cancellations is smaller. So your audience seats left to right all get similar response. Do you already have an account?