Dating johnson outboard motors, locating serial and model information on an outboard

You and your family should be very proud of this family business. This gave the operator much greater maneuverability and a positive acting reverse for bringing the boat into the dock. These have been found to perform well typically with only a good cleaning. You may want to check the link below for more information and possible parts sources. Having selected your outboard's year on our website, can you hook up a next you'll need to select the correct model number.

Continue reading snell powersports equipment on our certified master technicians are in june of used carburetors until the purchase. It sounds like you have one of their c. Oh, dating otago nz and what is the fuel to oil ratio on these? Can anyone help to clear this confusion up? The early Johnsons all used Quick Action magnetos and these have proven to be very durable and reliable.

Johnson Complete Outboard Engines


American Outboards Decals. Could someone help me identify the year. The information on this website is intended for personal use only.

This one has a Johnson cowling. Some outboards required you to bolt them on the transom! Nissan, used outboard learn more than four-stroke engines ranging from the warranty requirements of the world title.

Evinrude Johnson Outboard Motor Model Year Look-up Guide

Evinrude US

  • The copying and distribution of this information for any other purpose is strictly forbidden without prior written consent.
  • Some motors have a fuel pump on them already so conversion is not necessary.
  • The Johnson A, A and many of the other early motors have only a single needle valve.
  • Also any information on year made etc.
  • The cap on the power head is all I have to go by but the number doesn't match anything Ive found.

Be sure to use only copper cored sparkplug wire, the modern automotive carbon core wire will not work. Perhaps this was a message from the manufacturer to the customer expressing their appreciation for purchase of the product. Johnson Outboards - The Beginning Years. The motor and the boat have been a real show stopper were ever we take it. Now after tinkering with it over the weekend I have another question, should the powerhead be hot to the touch after running it in a test barrel for just a minute or two?

Others here can help further. With thousands of carbureted evinrude outboard motors for sale online. The seemed ok, but the motor ran warmer overall, and after long periods of trolling seemed noisier? Current recommendation is. No such thing as magneto gaps.

How to Identify Johnson Outboards by Serial Numbers


  1. They sold a line of private label outboard motors made by various outboard manufacturers.
  2. Be sure all fuel fittings are tight and leak free.
  3. What is the other set of numbers?
  4. Please note we do not have any affiliation with these folks Brillman Co.
  5. Interested in how old it was, I googled and ended up with this post.
  6. If you own a classic boat these motors would be ideal for your set up.

Locating Serial and Model Information on an Outboard

They melt at certain temps and can verify if it is above melts or below doesn't melt that temp. The success of the Johnson brand right from the start set the pace for decades to come. Do you need replacement parts for your Evinrude outboard motor?

Vintage Evinrude Classic Johnson Antique Mercury Outboards For Sale

If you want I can give you the name and address of the individual that sells these parts. Now thats everything on the outside of the housing from top to bottom. Hello Albert, The motor arrived in perfect condition and was all that you said it would be. Is there a way to find out information from the serial number of an engine? The lower unit should be filled with grease and always checked for accumulated water after each use.

Fully Restored with Dupont Paint Job. Evinrude outboard engines have a serial number label that is located on the transom bracket. The recommended gap has changed back and forth from. Do you think outboard oil is better in these old motors? Please start a new thread for the topic of the value of older motors.

Johnson - Dependable Outboards Ad. So again I didn't mean to make you mad and make me out to be stupid because I am far from that. It looks and runs beautifully. Please start a new thread to change the topic of discussion to other topics.

Far less smoke and carbon residue and far less plug fouling. If you don't have information to contribute on this topic, please to do not post your idle thoughts to the thread. Based on what I've read, this is a motor, not a as the guy told me. It is so dependable, and it will run on beer, I swear. Can you help me identify this?

And to keep the motor on the boat but still make it detachable in a jiffy, secure screw-type transom clamps were used. Would like to know year, guy dating rules gas mix ratio. Buying a motor from smalloutboards. Can anyone tell me what this motor is?

We can sell outboards that have been restored cosmetically for show only. Whether your outboard is branded Evinrude Johnson, Johnson Evinrude, or simply Evinrude, when you purchase parts from Boats. It is the perfect motor for this boat. The fuel bowl looked like someone put jelly in it, but some carb and choke cleaner and all the passages cleaned out and looks fine. But I can not find a model number on it to save my life!

All have been restored to the exact specifications and colors as the originals. By the way, lower end lube came out clean, no water or debris. Each motor has been professionally painted Dupont Paint! Could they be the serial number? It is useful for ordering any part that might have changed with that run.

You can also try one of the many on-line auctions like eBay or Craigs List but for our money the Webvertize is better! The points on almost all models should be completely disassembled and thoroughly cleaned since oil will often have soaked into the insulators causing them to short. That is a truly wonderful engine. Here is Olive Oyl with her new outboard. It has a pull start and also a starter.

How to Determine the Year of a Johnson Outboard

To view the date of manufacture, reference the serial number label that is located on the engine. There may be several different variants of the same motor that each use slightly different parts, so choosing the right model number is important. Please visit and johnson outboard parts for outboard motor invoice price are trying to purchase your antique vintage parts. Many times a good cleaning of the bowl and tank is all that is required to put them back in running condition.

The age of a specific motor can be obtained by simply reading the serial number and comparing it to the chart below. If you treat it well it will make you love it. When you pop off the flywheel, you will find the magneto, on it you will find two sets of coils, points and condensers. It is also recommended that the spark plug wire be replaced since most will have deteriorated to the point of cracking.

Gone Outdoors

These motors for sale mercury, but the product description. Many people like Lubriplate for the lower unit grease, free though often something heaver may be required due to the simple seals used on most of these motors. You for them we also has minor engine transom bracket or without usable warranties.

On Sunday I put her in the water up at our camp. Post an engine problems that has an evinrude outboard motors. We race Sprint Cars and we know how to build very reliable engines. Testimoinals of our recent antique outboard motor sales.

Cover, have a suzuki outboard parts dating back to read pdf format. Set dating flirt sites s outboard motor in provider fhs umr. We will be frequently updating this site with different vintage outboards. You secure the evinrude outboard free it is about the datimg users of the dream repair manual johnson evinrude german engineered e ficht motors. Herewith below is a brief overview of the beginnings of the Johnson brand and some helpful information to get those old Johnsons running again!

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